AWS Whitepaper Key Points-AWS Cloud Best Practices

Source and credits :- You can read full whitepaper here

  • With the help of AWS Cloud you can access as much or as little capacity as you need and dynamically scale to meet the actual demand with pay as you go model.
  • With the help of AWS Global infrastructure you can deploy your resources around the world closest to your target audience . Use of CDN can help you to  serve global application with low latency and high availability and greater scalability.
  • Scalability :- Systems that are expected to grow over time whether it is growth in users , traffic or data size need to be built on top of scalable architecture. Scaling in cloud can happen in two ways . Vertical scaling where we can increase the server size of instance by stopping it , Hence some down time is expected in the vertical scaling. Whereas in the horizontal scaling we can keep launching the servers in the auto scaling group. Hence Zero Down time.
  • Stateless Application :- If an application gives the same output to any given input is stateless application. These type of application does not store the session data or information . Stateless application is best suitable to scale horizontally .
  • Stateful Application :- An application that stores the session state of users. Database systems are an example of stateful component. Stateful application is best suitable to scaled vertically .
  • You can make a stateful application  into stateless application by storing the session info into Dynamo DB and routing traffic through the ALB/NLB onto multiple EC2 using the sticky session feature. In case ALB/NLB doesn’t suits into your architecture you can use Route 53 to route the traffic onto multiple EC2.
  • Immutable architecture :- In AWS Cloud servers are treated as immutable . It means you just launch new one if your current one becomes faulty. No need to debug the current servers.
  • Bootstrapping :- Install the necessary packages and software’s on boot using the user data feature of EC2 . So that you can have ready to go VM in less time.
  • Golden Image :- Install the necessary packages and software’s on a VM and create an  AMI (amazon machine image ) of that VM and launch as many servers you want using this AMI. This AMI is called as golden image.
  • Golden Image method is faster than Bootstrapping method.  

Note :- Some of concept is repetitive , you can find same in other section , hence not covered here .